Case Studies

Case Study: VERICAST,
Valassis Printing Division Durham, NC

VERICAST’s Valassis Printing Division is housed in a 180,000 square foot facility in Durham’s Research Triangle Park area. It’s home to three, three-story Man Roland printing presses. Printing operations run around the clock, seven days a week.

The John Riley Group was recently tapped by Valassis to perform a facility wide LED lighting upgrade. Our six-man crew (3 electricians and 3 apprentices) utilized a 45’ articulating lift and 20’ narrow base scissor lift to replace approximately 800 fixtures, the bulk of which were in the production and production support areas. The project spanned four weeks.

We were gratified to receive this note from the Valassis project manager:

“Thank you to The John Riley Group for completing our LED lighting retrofit. John gained my trust from the very beginning, and I could not have asked for a better partner on this project. Replacing over 800 lights in a 180,000 sq ft manufacturing environment and never once interrupted production was truly astounding! Your recommendations on lighting led to immediate cost savings with a reduction in energy usage and eliminated maintenance involved with old fluorescent lights. The LED retrofit has given our facility a much cleaner, brighter light and eliminated a lot of shadows creating a safer environment. I would highly recommend The John Riley Group to anyone looking to enhance their facility lighting.”

Bobby Offenburg -Vericast, Valassis Printing Division

Case Study: Food
Lion Shopping Centers

The John Riley Group was chosen to upgrade (7) Food Lion Shopping Centers in North Carolina and Virginia over the last year. More so than any other American grocer, Food Lion is spending millions to upgrade their store infrastructure and improve their overall customer experience.

The upgrades consisted primarily of parking lot fixtures, under-canopy store-front lighting, and building mounted fixtures. The safety and security improvements are significant, with impressive new light volume and quality. And five-year energy and maintenance savings exceeded, on average, $96,000.00.

Each center averaged 30-36 high-output pole-mounted fixtures, 15-30 “wallpacks” and floods, and 75-150 under-canopy fixtures. Our crews were able to complete each location in three days or less. The utility rebate, which we filed on behalf of the customer, often exceeded $9,000.00, resulting in an average simple payback period of 24 months or less. The overall improvements and savings made a compelling case for pursuing these projects.

We were gratified to receive this note from the owner of the management company:

“After an exhaustive search to select a lighting company to convert our traditional halogen lighting in our parking lots at several shopping centers we selected The John Riley Group. Everything from their insight of the products, responses to additional inquiries and the proposed solution was extremely helpful. Once selected they performed the conversion in a very efficient manner and followed up quickly on outstanding matters. I look forward to working with them again!”

Jim Cain, Owner, Center Management

Case Study: Gregory
Poole Equipment

Gregory Poole Equipment Company, the Caterpillar Dealer serving Eastern North Carolina, recently contracted with The John Riley Group to upgrade all of the lighting at the company’s Raleigh, NC corporate headquarters. The project included the retrofit of 600 fluorescent fixtures and 200 canister downlights, the installation of 250 new high bay shop and warehouse fixtures, the retrofitting of 18 building exterior wall packs, and the installation of 20 new pole mounted yard fixtures. Poole employees are enjoying the dramatic improvement in light quality throughout the facility, and projected energy and maintenance savings, coupled with a significant utility incentive, will enable the company to recoup it’s capital investment in two years. Our electricians worked closely with Poole facilities’ personnel throughout the project to insure a successful outcome.

The pictures on the right depict an office space where we retrofitted 2×4, 3-lamp fluorescent troffers with LED. Because the fixtures had parabolic “egg crate” lenses, we used 2×4 acrylic diffusers to maximize light output.

The pictures on the right depict an office space where we retrofitted 2×4, 3-lamp fluorescent troffers with LED. Because the fixtures had parabolic “egg crate” lenses, we used 2×4 acrylic diffusers to maximize light output.

In the workshop pictured here, the customer was unable to use the existing wall packs because the heat they generated uncomfortably raised the temperature in the room. We retrofitted the wall packs and the overhead fixtures, dramatically increasing light volume with no measurable temperature increase.

Case Study: Woods
Charter School, Chapel Hill, NC

The upgrades have consisted of LED retrofit kits installed in 2x4 fluorescent ceiling-mounted troffers throughout, and 1x4 wall-mounted acrylic wrap fixtures in the stairwells. In the gym, high-bay fluorescent fixtures were replaced with new LED high-bay fixtures. Work began in phase one when the upstairs and downstairs corridors and the front office were completed. Phase two consisted of the classrooms, cafeteria, and stage. Finally, the gymnasium was completed in December 2022.

The utility rebates for all three projects, which we filed on the customer’s behalf, totaled $18,400.00.
The overall improvement in light quality has created a welcoming learning space for the students. And the energy and maintenance savings made a compelling case for pursuing the projects.