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Electric Vehicle Charging

The electric vehicle market is evolving rapidly, with models available in a range of vehicle types, from compact cars and sedans to SUVs and pickup trucks. Manufacturers regularly release new models with ever increasing ranges, and the potential to cut vehicle maintenance costs by 50%. Seize the moment and become part of the revolutionary wave of technological advancements that will reshape the world as we know it.

Commercial Lighting Services

Most businesses use outdated lighting technologies. This results in everything from less-than-safe working conditions to larger utility bills. Fortunately, the many disadvantages of aging lighting technology can be easily eliminated by upgrading to commercial LED lighting. We specialize in efficiently and effectively eliminating the problems associated with fluorescent and HID lighting.

Our Commercial LED
Lighting Solutions Include:

  • Industrial & Distribution LED Lighting Solutions
  • Parking Lot LED Lighting Solutions
  • Office Lighting Solutions
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Lighting Audits

Industrial & Manufacturing
Lighting Services

Older lighting in an industrial or distribution setting can be responsible for any number of problems, but safety and accuracy are at the top of the list. There may be no better example of how outdated lighting negatively affects the bottom line. Repeated studies have shown that correctly deployed LED lighting will create a safer workplace and significantly reduce errors.

Parking Lot LED
Lighting Solutions

Most parking lots have severely outdated lighting technologies. This results in everything from less-than-safe employee/customer experiences to much larger utility bills. Fortunately, the many disadvantages of aging lighting technology can be easily eliminated by upgrading to commercial LED lighting. We specialize in efficiently and effectively eliminating the problems associated with the High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting found in most parking lots.

Office Lighting Solutions

Office lighting is at the heart of productivity, and offices equipped with legacy fluorescent fixtures are especially problematic. This 100-year-old technology produces poor, uneven light. The flickering inherent in fluorescent output, which is detectable by the human eye, can cause health issues, such as migraine headaches. Furthermore, when fluorescent bulbs are changed out there’s a tendency not to match color temperature with existing bulbs, adding to the uneven look. Countless studies have shown that an LED lighting upgrade in an office setting results in such an improvement that productivity gains are immediate, dramatically affecting your bottom line.

What Are The Advantages
Of LED Lighting?

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) distinguish themselves from fluorescent technologies by virtue of the fact that the process of producing light by exciting hazardous gasses is eliminated. Light is created when low voltage current is used to energize the diodes.

Among its greatest benefits is the fact that LED is so much more efficient. Commercial LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy consumed by older technologies.

The light is more unidirectional and can easily be focused on the surface(s) requiring illumination.

Because LED lumen output can be maintained for much longer periods, your employees and customers will enjoy a more inviting atmosphere, and heightened safety and security, for many years to come.

Finally, LED dominates traditional lighting by virtue of its reliability. When our diodes are subjected to industry standard testing, the projected life expectancy is 200,000 hours. That means they’ll illuminate the average building for 20+ years.

What Are The
Inherent Problems with Aging Lighting?

Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) are the predominant light sources in commercial buildings, warehouses and parking lots. The inherent problem lies in the fact that older lighting comes with a unique set of problems that can hinder productivity, reduce safety, contribute to health issues, and increase overall costs. To better understand this, consider the following aspects of fluorescent and HID lighting:

Often produce unfortunate side effects like flickering and offensive coloration. This can lead to health issues, and unnecessary eyestrain, significantly impacting productivity.

Typically produce omnidirectional light – which means only a percentage of the light produced is used for illuminating the intended target, and more powerful lamps and reflectors are needed to provide adequate illumination.

There are other increased costs inherent with legacy lighting. Fluorescent lamps generate a great deal of heat, resulting in increased building cooling costs.

Lighting Audits

Other than normal evolutionary improvements, we’ve seen very little innovation in lighting technology in the last 50 years. And like most building systems, lighting is undergoing a profound transformation. LED represents a sea change that presents us with the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint while dramatically improving the human experience. A lighting energy audit is designed, among other things, to help you understand how much electricity is going to lighting. It can help pinpoint unnecessary expenditures, and pave the way for potential upgrades that will increase productivity and produce significant dollar savings.

Lighting Control Systems

Companies like Avi-on (the North American leader in Bluetooth Lighting Control) have developed sophisticated cell phone-based apps that control the entire commercial lighting ecosystem from one central location. The app is filled with features that make provisioning and installation easier than ever.

Is Upgrading To
LED Lighting Difficult?

Upgrading to LED requires a certain subset of skills, especially when it’s performed in a commercial setting. This necessitates a thorough assessment of existing conditions, and the design and installation of optimal replacements.

The good news is that our company specializes in upgrading office, warehouse, healthcare, and retail lighting to LED. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of LED lighting in a way that conforms to the needs of your business.